Wednesday, February 25

In the Art Studio

I've been working evenings this week - a 3pm-11pm shift, getting home usually just after midnight and right into bed. So my mornings have been spent working on various commissions (most of which I cannot share until they're done, and I've asked permission from those who have ordered them). 

I've found time inbetween paintings drying, and waiting for email responses to paint some of my own thoughts as well.  I love painting commissions, but I do love putting down all my ideas on paper. And right now, my brain is focused on the spring in our -30-something degree weather (Celsius folks!).

My super large commission is coming along as well. I'm at a sort of crossroads with it, so I thought I would ponder it for a couple days - make sure it's going in the direction I was hoping. 

I hope everyone is staying toasty warm!

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