Monday, February 16

Seed Starting Diary: Day One

A handful of my seeds this year are getting an extra early start today. I feel that it might help them along, and I quite honestly just wanted to plant something.

I felt that my parsley had a very, very poor start in my garden last year when I directly seeded it. I failed, at that time, to notice on the back of the package that it could potentially take 3 weeks to germinate - what?! My harvest therefore was quite poor as well. I dried as much as I could, and we have almost used it all up. So this year, it's getting an extra hand for its start. It should be quite on its way this time when I finally plunk it in its garden space.

I've also decided to start my Pansy's earlier. Last year, I started them beginning of April, and they did really well - but they didn't reach their blooming age until almost the end of the summer. So I thought - plant them even earlier, and maybe I'll get blooms earlier?

The last, titled 'pink flowers' are seeds I gathered from some pink flowers I bought last year. I'm not sure if they'll germinate, or even if their plants will get blossoms - with all the hybrid plants out there, and my lack of keeping a tag for this one, it's anyone's guess. But I felt it was worth an experiment - the seeds were pretty much free anyways! If nothing grows, I'll just drop other seeds in that soil.

So, let the growing begin!

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