Thursday, February 26

Seed Starting Diary: Day Ten

My first seed is trying it's best to poke through the soil. These are the unknown-pink flower seeds. 

I also got in my seed orders from Vesey's and West Coast Seeds. I'm excited to try all the new varieties I have selected for this year of growing. Picking out your seeds, and dreaming up what you're going to be eating this summer just makes me want to snow to melt that much faster.

I also started some Oregano inside in a larger pot. The seeds are so tiny, I think this will just grow into a clump of herbs that I will place somewhere. You must love my potting system - an old cat-food container for the drain plate ;) 

It's not all dreary though - my Gerber daisies that James got for me about a year ago are still going, and still give us gorgeous blooms - so happy on these winter days!

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