Wednesday, February 4

We're Back!

We are back! :) Now, you may be asking, where did we go? We ran off to Mexico last week to help celebrate a friend's wedding. I'm happy to be home, to be cuddling with kitty and the puppy, but I'd be lying if I said I preferred this cold to the sunshine and warmth over there.

We had a lot of fun, and I have some amazing photos to share with you from our adventures. But for now, you just get this sneak peak of a beautiful sunset. The first night we were back, while the Superbowl was on, I ran most of my pictures through Adobe Lightroom (some are still untouched, but were not as 'important' to share with family / friends as others). It was perfect for my first night back, to just *chill* and look though our new (but freshly made) memories.

 I am still super, super new at this program, so there was a huge learning curve, and I only made minor adjustments to clean up the photos and give them a more finished touch. I did consider working with Elements, but Lightroom seemed to provide more options and creative flexibility in the end.  I'm hoping to go back and really do some 'amazing editing' - ergo: remove random strangers from the backgrounds of some photos, ect. Even looking back on my first round of 'edits', there are some more changes I hope to make - mostly just minor ones, like straightening out a horizon better.

But, this week I will be focusing on catching up on emails and sending out all the orders that came in while I was gone. All those fancy edits will have to wait until I'm all caught up :)

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