Wednesday, March 11

Cenote and Snorkling

The first part of the second excursion that we went on while in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico was a set of Cenotes on private land. Cenotes are 'sink holes', naturally occurring pits and caves. Some were not deep enough to snorkel in, like the one above, but were so pretty to walk through and look at.  All of them had crystal clear fresh water. According to our guide, there are many of these interconnecting Cenotes in the Mayan Riviera. Some people scuba dive through them, as some are only accessible that way - others find out about them the hard way, when it creates a sink hole in their home.

A lot of the walls and 'ceilings' of the cenotes had these gorgeous shells embedded into them.  Such a beautiful texture!

Next we went to an 'open' cenote - most of it had no ceiling. For our first snorkel attempt. Since there were many first timers, including us, our guide wanted us to try in a less intimidating setting.  You can see us floating around above, with another couple.

Thanks to my 'nifty' underwater camera - we caught this turtle! This trip was the first time using it "underwater", as I bought it specifically for this trip.  I was so nervous at first! But so happy I bought it - so many cool underwater shots! 

We also got to take an underwater selfie - I think this is my favorite picture of us from our trip! After we were done in this pond, we moved on to the more true Cenote:

There were steps down, and a rope along the whole distance to help guide you through all the rocks. It was pretty above water, yes. But the view under - spectacular!! 

There were tons of huge rocks underneath - but they were 10-20 feet away from us - this was a deep Cenote! The streams of sun breaking through the water was just breath taking - these photos do not do justice!

Of course, with the lower light levels, the photos are grainier - but still remind me of how stunning it was in person!

There were all these formations on the ceilings too as we got deeper into it.

Just such a great experience and would definitely be up to exploring other Cenotes if we ever head down that way again!

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