Sunday, March 1

#garden365 photo challenge: START

I'm going to try and participate the best I can in a photography challenged hosted by Sweet Domesticity (go check out her awesome blog!).  With all the gardening that will, slowly, begin this month - and then hopefully just take off, I think there will be lots of photograph. I've never done a photography challenge before, so this is exciting. Even if you don't 'garden' outside, I think this is an excellent challenge for anyone with house plants as well!

Here is my Day One: Start. A little pansy seedling starting to emerge from the soil. So sweet!

My challenge photography will be most up-to-date on my Instagram feed, over here. I will probably post multiple days / weekly 'gather-ups' of these submissions on the blog. I know, I know - blogging about my garden is so much fun and everyone wants to read all about it everyday ;) But, I also have to share my artwork, and I like to keep posts centered on one theme the best I can most days, for example a post about: my art, the studio, the garden, and of course, Chewie.

I hope I can really follow along with this challenge - I usually fall behind. I'm also hoping to use my Canon Rebel for most of the images (a DSLR digital camera), and start playing with my various lens again and getting into it more. The poor camera just sort of 'sat' for most of the winter. 

I you choose to join in, please use the hashtag #garden365 on your images where you post them so that everyone can share in the fun :)


  1. Hi, where I live we are going through a drought and water restrictions. Soooo I cannot garden anymore because it gets too hot too fast. I decided to start visiting gardening blogs and sigh at all the pictures. I am so glad I found yours. Good luck in the gardening challenge.

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