Monday, March 9

Seed Staring Diary

I love the little 'peak' of colour the above seedling is giving. It's a red variety of Kale seed. It's so sweet to have the touch of purple when all of my other seedlings are green through and through (for now).
My 'first round' of broccoli is also up - it popped up with a couple days of planting! I'll be planting another round in two weeks.


I also started my pepper seeds this week. I was reading some blog, and one mentioned just laying the seeds on the surface, and then their roots will go down when they germinate - this way you can see if they are successful at germination. Peppers sometimes take a while to germinate, so it also gives you reassurance that you can see what's going on. I've never done this before, so I did half on the surface, and half in the soil (as usual).

On another note, Chewie is 7 months this week! We weighed him in, and he is at a healthy 70lbs! He should gain another 20-30 lbs I would guess, if not more. He is starting to get into his rebellious teenage months though, so we are training even more!

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