Sunday, March 22

Seed Starting Diary

Most of my seedlings are coming along pretty good. Most of my tomatoes are up and growing. There is a couple that I will replant this weekend, just to be sure something comes up in time. Some of these seedlings are working on their first true set of leaves. I am considering whether I should wait for those or not to re-pot into larger homes. I also went through - after this photo, and chopped down one of each 'sibling'. I always plant two seeds, just to be sure I get germination - and then try to decide which plant to sacrifice for the greater good of the other.

My Mountain Magic variety (my super disease resistant one), has been very slow to come up. I was just about to replant, when I saw the starting of one (above). I figured they must be a little slower germinating. Considering I only got 10 seeds, I want to be sure I don't waste them by replanting too soon.

My peppers have all begun to come up as well. I was concerned that my Yellow Hot Wax peppers were dud seeds, but they have finally just started. I regards to my experiment with the pepper seeds sitting on top of the soil vs. planted in the soil. They seem to have caught up to each other about the same. I would say a positive to having them above the soil is that you can see that, yes they are germinating - they are just the slowest things ever, whereas under the soil, you wait and wait and ponder if you need to reseed. My purple peppers are doing the best / growing the fastest coming up.

My first round Kale and Broccoli are doing very well. They are working on another set of leaves. The broccoli planted here is an 80 day variety. I started a 60 day variety a little later, and it is super stringy and not as robust as this I think I may plant more of the 80 day than the 60 day for my 'second starting'.

 My herbs are going alright, but nothing spectacular. I guess as long as I have some growing, I should be grateful - I was just hoping for the massive amount of seeds I put in (newly purchased this year), that I would have a higher germination rate. This oregano has got to be only 10% germination. 

 My pansy's and mystery pink flowers are doing really well too...I have thinned them out, a lot, and I am debating wearing to leave a partner with each one or not.

...and just in time for the first day of spring, my kitchen plants have blossomed yet again - I gave them a new potted home a couple weeks ago, and I think they're saying thank you :)

Still yet to start: second round kale / broccoli, ground cherry, more herbs, head lettuce, cucumber / zucchini (those will be a week or two before I want them out).

Does anyone have any comments about starting your beans / peas inside? I have seen a lot of that this year, and I was always on the, "direct plant outside" bandwagon. But if it helps to start some inside? I know I won't for my green beans....I had over 90 plants last year, so that's ridiculous. But the runner beans? Sweet peas? Or do you not get enough started indoors to have a substantial enough harvest for a dinner for two?

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