Saturday, April 25

Above The White Cloud - Completed Acrylic Painting

It is complete! The time had finally came last week to get this painting out of the art studio and into it's new home!

The painting, "Above The White Cloud", was inspired by merging a series of photographs that James and I had taken while hiking along Skinner's Bluff in Wiarton, Ontario. Along the cliff edge, you constantly are rewarded with breath taking views of White Cloud Island, residing in Georgian Bay.

I have never painted anything as larger as this piece before - 3 x 6 feet!!! And at times, I know I felt at a loss as how to continue and that it was just going on and on (and on). But finally I finished it, varnished / protected it, stepped back and thought - wow! I actually pulled this one off! I was very happy to get my studio "back" - working on this piece took up a lot of room in it, and there were other projects that just could not be worked on.

The final challenge was photographing it - as we had to use the spot were Chewie usually sits - he kept on bringing his bone back in front of the painting. It took many shots to get pictures without him running into the frame. Until finally, I just took a picture with him :)

This painting took many, many layers of paint - but it was all worth it!

It's new home is a reception area at the hospital - Yea! My first publicly displayed art! And so, while I had to let it go, I still get to see it every day :)


  1. AWESOME!!! That's so exciting that it's in the hospital! (You should post a photo of it in its new home!) I love how it turned out - feels very Emily Carr / group of seven to me. :)

  2. This is so beautiful! How long did it take you to paint it? I'm sure everyone will enjoy it at the hospital. I agree, you should post a photo of it in its new home!
    I love your website too!


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