Tuesday, April 14

Chewie in the Spring!

Chewie, as big as he is getting, is still a total puppy (8 months old this past week!). I think he keeps forgetting that he 80 lbs now, not the 15-ish lbs he was when we brought him home, and thinks at times that he is a lap dog.

He has been in love with spring, and all the new smells - and all the sticks! He carried this particular one around with him all throughout the yard as I dabbled in garden beds here and there.

I just love comparing recent pictures to when he was just a pup :) Below is the first stick (uhm, twig) he's ever chewed on - he had an affinity for them right from the start! 

Stay tuned...I hope to share the end result of a huge painting that I've been working on for months this week :)


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