Tuesday, April 28

Chewie Meets The Beach

A few weekends ago, we brought Chewie to the beach. The ice was still melting / breaking up a little bit, but it was such a warm weekend, I don't think he minded the chilly water at all.

While we were trying to get him to "fetch"....he would run into the water, where the item was, and then run back. We had another pooch with us - my neighbors Golden Retriever, Maverick - and Chewie just seemed to love following him in and out of the water.

Now, he didn't "swim"...he's not so sure about not feeling the ground yet - but he happily ran in and out, and splashed all about!

I took him again this week, just him, and the ice was all gone - but those waves were fierce and they
sort of threw him for a loop. He was running in and out of the water still though - just chasing the waves back, and running in from them as they came in.

I'm glad he likes the water - it will make keeping him cool much easier this summer :)

...until next time :)

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