Friday, April 3

Early mornings

Last week I worked a stretch of nights at the hospital. I got off just as the sun was breaking through the horizon. This only last for awhile during the year - I get off at 7am, so in the winter, it's still dark when I arrive home, and in the main summer months, the sun has already half way up in the sky. I often see the sunrise on my way to work, but I'm usually just focused on getting there - not stopping to take a photo.

Because I live in a small town - a village actually is what my dear home is referred to :). I get to drive through all the country back roads to get there - giving me spectacular views. This one above, with the orange rays reflecting off the waterlogged field is my favourite of the bunch.

While it is so beautiful, I'll admit it's depressing to see the sun,  knowing that you're just going to sleep, to face another night shift the following eve.  But what a small, beautiful 'reward' it is :)

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