Thursday, April 30

Oh She Grows: Seedlings are getting large!

Lately, I've been spending my gardening time repotting all my growing seedlings. Many of them have needed new homes.

They've been repotted into all sorts of 'holdings' - old plastic pots, newspaper pots and even an old paper coffee cup. Anything that can hold them works - it's only temporary anyways :)
I've especially happy with the peppers - they are already larger than when I put them out last year, so hopefully we get peppers a little bit sooner. I am a little disappointed that not as many of the Yellow Wax variety made it - they had a hard time germinating - and those that did, many got eaten by the cat. As well as the jalapeno peppers. Plenty of purple peppers though!

My mint is doing really well too - I will have to get a large outdoor container for it, so that it doesn't take over my garden - but I'm already taking the mojitos!

My third planting of kale did not do well - it's very spindly - a sure sign of not enough light. I've replanted, and I am hoping the next round is better. I'm doing to direct seed a few of them as well.

I'm hoping to get my broccoli and kale outdoors soon - we just need to add a bit more soil to the boxes. They can take some cold, so I just have to start hardening them off outside.

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