Sunday, April 5

Seed Starting Diary

Most of my little seedlings are thriving and growing merrily on their way. I watch the snow melt a little more each day, anxiously awaiting when I can get my hands in the dirt again and start growing outside. I feel with a more 'solid' seedling base than last year, I will have a little bit of a head start in the garden this year - hopefully producing a little bit more, a little bit early. 

My first planting of kale and broccoli (80 day) is doing splendidly. I have a second round of broccoli (60 day) that has emerged, and some Red Russian kale seedlings almost ready for repoting. Hopefully they will look like the plants above shortly. 

My unknown flowers are doing wonderful as well. They have such cute little fuzzy leaves. The pansies are doing just as well too. I have just planting a handful of marigolds (after visiting my mom and growing through all her seeds and borrowing some of them ;)

My tomatoes seem a little 'leggy'. I don't have many pictures of how they were this time last year, but I'm not too overly concerned. They are getting repotted early next week on a day off (just have to assemble a massive amount of newspaper pots). I will just plant them lower in their new home, and a stronger root system will develop all long the stem. 
I started Basil seedlings this past week, and they are already beginning to emerge. I've never really had a hard time growing basil - I just wanted it started inside, as some of my seedlings last year didn't fare so well against the earwigs (it seemed the larger plants were okay against them). My oregano has finally come around, as well my mint is growing good.

My Rosemary on the other hand has been frustrating. A lot of seeds have gone into this planter, and only one seedling emerged. I'm not sure if it's just taking a really long time to germinate, or if I just have duds.
My peppers are working on their first true set of leaves - once we have those, they can be repotted. tI have one more tomato plant to start (again, courtesy of a visit to my mom's seed stash), a couple peppers to start again (to replace the failed ones) - and in another two or so weeks, some cucumbers / zucchini to start. I'm about a month and a half away from our predicted last frost date...

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