Sunday, April 12

Seed Starting Diary

Blogging (uhm, awake) before 8 am on a weekend that I don't have to work - a miracle in so many ways...I'm a shift worker, I now lack an internal clock to wake me up like normal people ;)

Yesterday was a gorgeous day - so sunny. So warm. I took the pooch out and about the yard to check out all the flower beds, and maybe clean up a little here and there. It was too nice to not be outside, but still too wet to do much of anything outside. The pooch is recovering from a sprain (and as of yesterday, a cut paw - poor, accident prone guy), that we can't go out and about too far with him.

The raised beds are thawed. I dug around a little to look at the soil - it's not muddy or mucky, its getting warm and there's even worms starting to work away in it. Raised bed win again! Some of the boxes need some more dirt of a sort - we are hoping to get our hands on some more of that rich compost. But after digging around a bit in it, it looks pretty rich still. Now the huge question: when do I start planting my peas and radishes?

Or, better question, when should I? I've been reading around - and a lot of literature says that they can take the spring flip flops between cold and warm, and are even slightly frost hardy. That they actually like the cooler weather, so this is perfect for them, and they know when it's warm enough to come up. So they just chill out until they feel it's right, and then they pop out of the ground.

My rhubarb thinks it's spring!
I was all ready yesterday with the beauty weather, and then it was a little frosty this morning. Making me think: am I jumping the gun? I'm just so anxious for fresh veggies, and not having to rely on the grocery store as much!

All of my indoor - to be planted in much warmer weather - seedlings are still hanging out.

The peppers got upgraded to their paper pots this weekend, as well as a few more tomatoes.

The peppers are so slow growing - but I remember it being the same last year too. The cat only ate two or three heads off (lil'bugger!) - and those plants are already starting to recover and grow their next set of leaves anyways.

Third round broccoli has sprouted, and I've now reached my final number of broccoli plants required to fill the spaces (with one extra, just in case). I started my broccoli April 9th last year, they went outside June 2 (a little late, because we had to build the boxes and find soil - hoping for a week or two earlier this year), and harvested first head just before the beginning of July. I've hoped that with starting a few of the plants a little earlier (a whole month), we may get some broccoli a little earlier. It likes the cold, so I hope getting it out early, and a little bit bigger, will give us some bigger heads. There's always the chance that it won't make a difference anyways, and it will do what it does when it wants to - the joys of gardening :)

My ground cherry plants have sprouted - they are supposed to be a little like tomatoes - but my are those tiny, tiny, stringy seedlings! I am being very careful with these poor guys and once they are a little bigger, I will repot them with most of this stem down to try and 'stabilize' them a bit. Right now, I think any re potting attempt may end up breaking these delicate guys. I'm very excited to possibly have 'fruit' in the gardens though!

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