Thursday, May 28

Oh She Grows: All tucked in!

I awoke this morning to this lovely sight - the sun shining upon my garden, with the closest beds ready and waiting for their new friends to be all tucked in.

Having been patiently waiting - and possibly outgrowing their homes, it was time to plant my tomatoes and peppers in the garden! Yippie!!! 

I first lay out all the plants where I would like them. As you can see, I have four purchased peppers. The cat ate some of mine, again. So as luck would have it, Home Depot had them on 3/$5 - couldn't go wrong filling in the gabs! I settled on a yellow pepper, a sweet banana pepper (I grew hot banana from seed), a jalapeno (I only had one or two seedlings that made it to plant, and then survived the cat, and I really want to make pickled jalapenos), and another hot pepper (the name is escaping my mind right now).

And here we are all tucked in! I know, I know - what am I doing with that fugly landscaping fabric. Well, my peppers took a really, really long time to mature last year due to the cooler summer we had. I'm hoping this black fabric will heat up the soil more, and move things along better this time around. I did this for my tomatoes too. We will see if it makes a difference at all.

My tomatoes all tucked in! I placed my Determinate plants in cages, and I staked my Indeterminate plants.  I saw some 'tomato tee-pees' on a few blogs, and thought I might try it out.  Already, the structure is giving the garden a little more dynamic than last year :)

Also snuggled in is an eggplant - I'm not sure if I even like egg plant, or how it will do. But plants were 3/$5, and I needed one more, so I thought - heck, I'll give it a shot! Worse case: I bring the vegetables into work, and pawn them off on other people ;)

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  1. I'm so jealous of your beautiful garden!! I really like eggplant in ratatouille and this baked casserole:


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