Friday, May 29

Oh She Grows: The Gardens, an Overview

 With the garden all planted in, finally, it's time for some overview images! Things are about a week ahead of last year, and some even more! The early birds this year are peas, radishes and spinach - none of which I grew last year.

My peppers and tomatoes are more mature going into the ground as well, so maybe that will bring the around a tiny bit sooner.

I've also 'expanding' my vegetable garden to my flower gardens. We didn't do much with them last year, as it was out first summer here and I wanted to see what perianuals would pop up. Wasn't super impressed, so I thought we could put some vegetables in there, mixed with flowers. In the above corner, a tree was previously living until this spring, it was too close to the house - damaging the roof, so it had to go - opening up this now sunny corner!

Mixed amoung some Hotsa's and annuals are a tomato, pepper, kale, brussel sprouts and various vegetable seeds yet to sprout. Some pole and runner beans will climb up the teepee, giving a beautiful display of flowers that the bees and hummingbirds will love!

Along the side of the house, we have the same thing - except the beautiful garden has to live with that sight-sorry air conditioner.

I've even placed a tomato in a pot to try - not sure what it is, it lost it's label through it's growth and transplanting; and it didn't make the cut for the gardens, but it was the healthiest of what was left. The other pot is mint - so that it stays nice and contained.

There's still some tulips mixed in - I'm just letting their foliage die back a little bit more before cleaning it up.

I got these really nice square cages this year for the tomatoes - I know it seems super small now - and you might be skeptical...but let me remind you of last year:

That's my tomato jungle circa 2014. All those plants started out just as small as this one. If anything, the cage will not be enough ;)

If you're looking for some garden inspiration - this video is amazing. It about a couple that converted their front yard into a gorgeous vegetable garden. The live in Canada - so a garden like this is totally possible for many of my Canadian friends. :)

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