Thursday, May 21

Oh She Grows: Hello to some new seedlings

My precious little garden continues to thrive through these chilly nights, despite a number of non-cold-hardy plants I have sprouting up. My radishes are coming along well, and I pulled one the other day for a lunch time salad :)

Newly sprouted (just), is a lone cucamelon seedling, and then below, my first purple kohlrabi seedling (just planted not even a week ago!

Also new to the garden, is some brussel sprout seedlings. I wasn't going to grow them - I had so many other plants to start - but then I found these starts looking all healthy in a store for a couple dollars, and couldn't resist giving them a try.

My lettuce and carrots have finally graced me with their presence, sort of, and in partial spots only...

I'm going to have to thin a few out shortly, and then add a few more seeds I think....

And some more beautiful shots of the goodness growing:

Spinach growing well in the cooler weather

The purple peas are starting to make their climb

Broccoli also loving the cooler, sunny weather

A little baby bok choi - so excited about growing these, they will be delicious in stir-fry and grilled on the BBQ.

Beets starting to pop up

Another brussel sprout shot

The ever hardy kale - note to self: plant more of the beautiful Redbor variety!

Purple beans

The beginning of my cucumbers

Purple bean seedling just starting out
Marigolds to help protect all of my green goodness!

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