Saturday, May 16

Oh She Grows: Outdoor babies popping up!

I've been good about being busy filling in my garden - and then proceeding to fill in my garden journal. While, I do talk a lot about my garden on my blog, the journal keeps a very detailed record of what went in when, where it went and when it came up. I found it very useful this year in planning my crop rotation, knowing what I wanted more / less of, and just to generally get my excited about my upcoming garden in the dead of winter.

I garden the square-foot method (for the most part - sometimes I break the rules and just do what I want, hehe), and so keeping track is as easy as making a rough grid for each bed. Yes, I made a plan to start off with, with a lovely computer generated grid - but what I plan for isn't what always gets planted. Things change.

But onto the green stuff - what's been growing!...

My snow peas are just growing away! We had a light frost earlier in the week - and they paid no mind to it :)

My broccoli (two varieties) is happy to be outside, at last. It always just seems to take off when I plant it outside, giving it more root room - the same thing happened last year! Along the fence are my purple climbing peas, and a handful of Russian Mammoth Sunflowers. The sunflowers got tucked in on the frosty night - wasn't sure how tough they would be to handle it.

The spinach is looking well too. One of the seedlings just spontaneously shriveled up. I'm not sure what that was about, but the other's are healthy, and a second, staggered, planting is just beginning to come up.

The kale is super stoked about being outside too! I have three varieties here: Red Russian, Redbor and Winterbor kale.  I just love the colouring of the purple stuff!

Here is one of my sweet cucumber seedlings. I just direct planted this year. Last year, I started indoors, and they did not take well to transplanting. By the time they started growing again (if they didn't die), the direct seeded plants were all caught up and healthier looking. I saved some indoor seedling space but not bothering with that battle this year. I simply thought, what's the point if they truly don't do well.

A surprising development - one of my purple pole beans have sprouted! I had planted a handful by one of the trellis, and then it got really cold and I figured they would probably just rot in the ground. But it popped up the afternoon after the frost. I'm hoping the other's will too :)

I have been patiently waiting for my lettuce and beets to sprout. I think the first picture above is a beet sprout, and the one just above is my lettuce. I have so many small weeds sprouting though (the only con to the beautifully rich compost I receive), that I cannot tell. Only a bit more time will tell!
Still to plant: beans, lettuce, spinach, herbs, zucchini (reseed - birds ate them)
To transplant outdoors: tomatoes, peppers, herbs, ground cherries

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