Monday, May 4

Oh She Grows: Outside Gardening and Preparations

I've starting working on some of my 'wild' flower beds. I had left them last year, curious what would come up, and now after seeing some of that was far from impressive - I've pulled up a bunch of it to make room for my vegetables! Some of the perennials I'll be keeping - most have gone to the compost pile (some I even think were just gathering weeds...)

James has wonderfully begun to remove our dead tree (we gave it over a year to do something, anything, and not even a green bud - this tree is fire wood now). I just have to dig out some the Hostas and move them to a shady spot (this is a high sun area), and move those cute little Hen and Chick succulents to another location as well.

I do love these succulents, and although they have been living in this spot a long while, they have not been thriving very well at all - they need a bit more love, and much better soil.

You can see from the middle photo we have piles of soil to be put in this area - it is super rich and very well broken down compost form a friend's farm (just rich soil now). We just have to pick it up, and offer a case of beverage and it's ours! It's what we used in our boxes last year, and everything grew like weeds - so I would say, this compost is my secret weapon ;) We topped up some of the garden boxes with it as well as the soil had 'settled' down quite a bit from last year.

The new beds have a little more work to go, but I can't wait to get planting in my new areas! :)

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