Tuesday, May 5

Oh She Grows: Peas and Radishes!

My peas have popped into precious little shoots with multiple leaves! I have even seen one with a little baby 'tendril' to eventually climb up the end supports. So exciting! All this sun and a little sprinkling of rain have done wonders for my little guys!

And, with the seedlings being much bigger and less 'grub-like', the birds are no longer pulling them up! Double yea!

Some of my radishes are making their way to their first set of true leaves - I feel that these guys will just take off from there - with only a 25 day growing time stated on the package, we will most definitely have garden-fresh radishes by the end of the month, and likely even sooner :)

I'm so very happy that I decided to plant them when I did. I was worried for awhile, but these seeds, and their tiny first buds took -5 degree Celsius weather no problem, and have continued to grow. I will definitely keep this in mind next year!

This weekend, being as beautiful as it was, I also planted a handful of giant sunflower seeds lightly amoung the Purple Mist Peas against the trellis at the end. I have an over abundance of sunflower seeds, so if it's a little too early for them - as they do not like random cold spurts at all, then I can just replant later. But looking at the long range forecast, I'm confident that they will be quite alright :)

I will begin lettuce, carrots, beets, bok choi and some more spinach and radishes later this week I think. And the broccoli and kale can go outside. I want some of these well on their way before I put in some of the inside seedlings later this month out into the garden.

These seedlings are just dying to go outside, but not quite yet... :)

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