Wednesday, May 6

Oh She Grows: Seeds to soil

As I mentioned the other day, I got to 'top up' the dirt in my boxes this past weekend - it had settled down to being only half full through the winter. So today, I took advantage of the nicer weather, and planting a lot of my seeds that can take a little cooler weather than some other plants.

Chewie above looks like he was a great little helper - but you just wait till you see what he did below. He is much better the designated stick chewer..

I got my seed box out and went to work, sorting out what I wanted to plant today. I ended up putting in the ground: Napoli carrots (55 days), Rainbow mix carrots (75 days), Rudolf Radishes (24 days) and Watermelon Radishes (60 days) (trying to 'spread out' their planting time, so their harvest time is also spread out), more Avon Spinach (45 days), Lettuce Mix and Romain Lettuce, Beet Blend (50 days) and Bok Choi (52 days). As well, I planted some Russian Mammoth Sunflowers (to bring in bees, and than later feed the birds). Not sure if they will take in this weather yet or not - but I have mountains of seeds, so there is no worries if I need to replant.

I also checked in on my sprouted babies - the peas are still little handsome morsels.

They look randomly planted, but I follow the Square Foot Gardening method - so they are all evenly spaced, eight to a square foot.

...and they did look all perfect - until the dog thought it was a wonderful idea to jump into the garden beds. He is just a puppy. Since this soil is never really "packed down", his paws just sunk. I dug up what little seedlings I could and righted them up again - but they aren't really in a super nice formation in this particular area anymore. As long as they grow, I'm okay with it!

....sigh... I just love, love, love the picture of little plants in my gardens! :D

The little Rudolf radishes are working away too! We have some mid to high 20 degree C weather coming to us soon, so they should really grow then!

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  1. I love these pictures. Just looking at the soil in these raised beds makes me wish I could reach right in and plant some seeds :). And I remember how thrilling it is to when the first seedlings pop up. Thanks for sharing!


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