Friday, May 15

Oh She Grows: Thinning out

I got my first exceptionally small radish this week. I pulled it out to 'thin' out the row, and of the thinnings, this was the only one that had started to form a bulb. Yay! First thing out of the vegetable boxes. I imaging in a week or so, I will have many more - properly sized - radishes. 

I've also made my first harvest of rhubarb! From it I made a delicious lemon-rhubarb cake... now I'm just on to thinking what will I make with it next? Look how big these stalks and leaves are!

As with spring, comes the mud. The beast, Chewie, just could not stay away. He jumped into, and then proceeded to lay down in a deep 'tire rut' mud puddle.

Yup...that happened. He was in there - already dirty...figured I may as well just take pictures. He does look oh so happy - wasn't so much when we had a bath later ;)

The part that I forgot about after he came out, was that he was going to shake all this mud on to me. We looked like quite the pair, hehe.

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  1. That's what dogs are supposed to do. If they had fun they want to share :) Love the photos of the rhubarb and radish. It's such a great feeling when you harvest something you planted from seed and actually use it in the garden.
    Over at my blog I talk about a bee swarm that happened today. Being a gardener, have you ever dealt with a swarm? This is totally new to me. The bee expert thinks the swarm got disoriented in today's thunderstorm and will be gone by Monday. If not, they'll come out.


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