Monday, June 1

Oh She Grows: First Blossom

My sugar snap peas have blossoms! Crunchy pea pods are not far behind - so excited :)

I'm on nights this week, so I get to enjoy mid-late afternoon all week :) Garden chores for today:
  • Weeding (love the free compost, comes with free weeds!)
  • Waging a war on pests (flea beetles, and something else)
  • Re-seeding areas that didn't come up well (or got eaten by pests)
  • Watering
  • Planting in my new garden bed (more space! Yippie!!!)
  • Harvesting - there's some more kale and spinach ready to eat :)

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  1. Hey! I love your blog and I also have a garden of sugar snap peas, but unfortunately mine got eaten last week oddly by a really small caterpillar. Also I've found this infographic to be really helpful to at least get oriented what kind of bug might be eating your plants


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