Thursday, June 4

Oh She Grows: Garden Troubles

My garden has been growing wonderfully - but it cannot be all peaches and sunshine (I guess). Above is what was my butterfly garden - a handful of perennials to help encourage and feed butterflies, especially the Monarch. Something last night thought they were not quite a fan of the plants and dug them all up. Didn't eat them. No footprints in the soil. It was just bizarre.  I just put them back where they were, and hopefully they stick. We think, something tried to eat them, and didn't like them. Oh well.

We also have flea beetles eating my Bok Choi - it's not killing the plants, but it's not making them pretty. They are also after the radishes. I think they are eating my carrots in one bed too - and those they are killing. Luckily, I planted carrots in three different spots - and the other ones are untouched. I tried a spray that I found online, but it burnt some of the leaves. So tonight, I sprinkled diatomaceous earth everywhere, hoping that will keep things in line.  I have no issues with them last year, but I'm planting a lot of different things this year.

Now onto the happy stuff!

My cucumelons (above) are the tiniest, cute as button seedlings. I hope they make it :)

My purple pod peas, and sunflowers are over two feet high in some spots :) And you can see the broccoli really flourishing (reminds me, I need to start seedlings for fall planting...).

We have been eating radishes from the garden in plenty - I have staggered plantings, so it seems there are always some ready for salads :) We have been eating lots of spinach and kale too!

My first sugar snap pea has gone to pod :D I cannot wait for these! I have a feeling they won't make it to being cooked - they are such delicious, crunchy snacks.

Most of my tomatoes have buds. I remember last year though, that the first set of blossoms never set fruit - but I'm still crossing my fingers that these do!

So gardening always has some up, downs and minor battles. But it is so rewarding.

If you have any tips to deal with these flea beetles, please let me know! :)

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