Saturday, June 13

Oh She Grows: Reaching Heights

The gardens are really starting to green up now. So far we have harvested kale, spinach and radishes for the past week or two. And beginning this week, we harvested our first batch of Bok Choi and our first round of lettuce :)

It was so sunny, and hard to get a 'nice' picture of the garden, but this will give a nice overview, and I'll go into detail :)

We have marigolds a plenty this year to keep the pests at bay, and the rabbits - we have seen 4-5 large adult rabbits hopping around on recent nights.

The broccoli plants are huge, and the purple pod peas and sunflowers have grown taller than the side trellis.

We even have our first purple pea blossom! :)

Our sugar snap peas are giving us pods - yummy!

The spinach, beans and peas are doing great - despite the pests :)

The bok choi has bounced back, and newer leaves don't have garden flea bites in them.

We have our first pepper growing, and more blossoms on the way!

The lettuce is beautiful and coming along so well! Because of the spinach, I've been able to let it grow a little bit more before harvesting, as we have had the spinach and kale for early spring salads.

The mixed beets have beautiful leaves, but it will be a long while until they are ready to pull out. I pulled out some of the smaller plants to thin the row, and we ate the leaves in a salad.

The tomatoes grow more every day, and I've already had to go through and prune back the suckers on the indeterminate varieties. I've decided to let the determinate varieties branch out as they want - since pruning them is just decreasing my yield.

I've been spending a lot of time weeding and doing pest control, but it's just so relaxing after a long day at work. When there is nothing to do in the gardens, I sort of wish for something to pop up so I can stay out there ;)

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