Thursday, July 9

Cherry Goodness!

I went to the local U-pick and grabbed up about 10 lbs of cherries this week (yummy!). I had originally went last week for strawberries, but it was bummer crop and just picked enough to do one batch of freezer jam. Cherries is where it is at this summer!

They were so plentiful, it was easy picking! I brought home my bounty, and processed a bunch of them into canned cherries. I had wanted to do this last year as well, but my canning supplies that I had ordered did not arrive by then. This year - I was all over it! I got about 11 jars, and made sure to leave plenty for fresh eating this week :)

I cannot wait till winter to have these summer time gems still available to us :)

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  1. Oh, I so love cherries as well! I canned some for the first time last week but wasn't pleased by the result. There were some broken jars and I don't know why. I did everything by instructions that were given to me by my mom, but alas - no result. Two from the six jars I put to boil had cracks. I don't think they'll survive until winter. Do you have any practical advise?
    I have to say that I'm obsessed with various cocktails and home-made lemonades, though. I make a different one every Saturday.

    - Amber -
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