Wednesday, July 8

Oh She Grows: Garden Update!

We have a lot of goodness going on in the garden right now! While the snap peas are almost done for now (saddening, I know); a lot of new vegetables are coming close to being ripe!

I pulled out my first carrot of the season. Isn't it so pretty! Totally planting rainbow carrots again next year! The earwigs, and other critters ate the tops of a lot of the carrot seedlings again this year, so again this year we have an 'okay' crop. It's not horrible, it's not fantastic. It's about half what I started with unfortunately. I was hoping to freeze some for the winter for soups, but I think there will be just enough to eat fresh. I guess we will know better as the summer progresses.

The zucchini is blossoming, and looks like it's about to set with produce. I can already count three potential zucchini - so folks be warned: the zucchini plague is closing in on us. But we must admit, it is wonderful to be so fortunate to get such bountiful harvests...I will just have to bestow this bounty on unsuspecting persons hehe.

The spinach has been done a while, and I've pulled up all the plants but a handful. I've let them fully bolt with hopes that I can get seed from them later. And, the blossoms will be good for the bees.

My broccoli is just about ready. Now comes the tricky waiting game - you don't want to wait too long and get yellow blossoms instead! My plan to plant two 60-day and two 80-day varieties also backfired, as they are all coming ripe at the same time. I will just have to freeze some of them. All of the heads are good, healthy sizes with the exception of one.

We also have the beginnings of tomatoes! Yippie! All plants are setting well. The indeterminates are growing like crazy (as they should), and the determinants are bushing out like crazy (as they should). Last year, I used an electric tooth brush to give the blossoms a 'buzz' to get pollination going - as a lot of blossoms dropped to poor pollination. This year, I've just been giving all the plants a good 'shaking' each time I go into the garden, and that seems to work just as well - and a lot less work. It is a tomato jungle again, but I don't care - I love it!

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