Friday, August 14

Acrylic Landscape WIP (work in progress)

Last Saturday night was my 'change over' night - when I stay up as late as I can, because the next day I begin my night shifts at the hospital. I was trying to think up something to do as the night progressed, and inspiration hit me. I began a landscape painting on a longer canvas that I have. 

I really like how this piece started to come together quite organically. The drips from the sky shaping the tree line and giving hints of trunks.

I wasn't such a fan of the hard line separating the land and water, so I softened that up a bit.


The water still needs some work to create a sense of depth. I'm thinking pondering what to do there. I have definitely hit a 'block' with it. But hope to come back to it once all these tiresome night shifts are done. :)

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