Sunday, November 15

Wedding introduction

As some may know, we are getting married this New Year's Eve. I haven't shared too much of our wedding yet - and it's not that nothing is going on in regards to it - so much is going on, on the go and yet to be started.  It's also the reason I haven't shared any of anything lately - because it has kept me so busy!

Being crafty, it was only natural that there are some DIY's in this wedding. I would be lying if I didn't say that I immediately began to search out all of the goodness on pinterest, and put together a secret 'wedding board' full of way to much to do. 

And then, as a bride I sit and look at this massive to-do list that I had created for myself, and begin to cross things off that maybe don't really need to be done, or a part of our wedding....really, would anyone even notice that super small detail? Probably only one or two. So, should I really 'waste time' on that? ....uhmmm.... I probably will. *Shakes head*

Thing is, I haven't shared, mostly because I want everything to be a surprise for those involved. So, after the wedding I will have some things to share. :) And, everyone will get to see how they fit into the whole scheme of the wedding.

 But for now, I have these beautiful engagement photos that we took earlier in the summer.  They demonstrate the most important part of this whole process - you just have to have fun ;)

Monday, November 9

Autumn Blaze Watercolour Painting
With all the changing leaves the past few weeks, I had to create a painting inspired by it. I saw this one maple tree that was turning from the outside in, the colour gradient was gorgeous! I captured it in my painting, Autumn Blaze.

It's been awhile since I have painted. It's just been hectic with wedding planning - not to mention my office is a tornado of wedding DIY's. It felt nice to open up the paint box again and get into the creative zone.

This painting is available for sale in my Etsy store, Jellybeans.

Friday, November 6

Quick Life Update

Just a quick update with all the goodness happening before I start posting some new art to share with you all! (Yippie!)

Our dear pooch, Chewie, went for the dreaded 'snip' this past week and has been sporting a fabulously entertaining cone around his neck. We love it, he doesn't so much. He's realizing with this cone, that he does in fact have poor body awareness, as he can't even manage to get through a doorway with it. Poor guy!

In the early fall, my poor car had a run in with a deer on my way to work. (The deer ran away after...) I was a little shaken up, but completely fine. My car had a bruised ego, and some (big) dents, but still ran. But it was old, and my insurance company didn't want to fix it, so they wrote it off and took it away from me. That left with without a vehicle for almost a whole month - and two shift workers trying to share one car. It was not easy at all, and nothing got done that was planned for the early month.

And since that could not go on forever:

We used what little time we had, and purchased a new vehicle - say hi to my new car: a Chevy Equinox AWD in a beautiful Tungsten Metallic! It's a little bit of an upgrade - and seems huge compared to my teeny tiny Cavalier, but we were thinking long-term, family-oriented. A car would not fit our huge dog and potential children in the future; this will. And it will be a lot safer for winter driving - especially with the shift work driving in the middle of the night on snowy roads. I LOVE driving it! 

And lastly, Halloween happened! We dressed up, as always, and this year we were skeleton flapper girl and gangster!

I had never had full face makeup on before, and thought it might be bothersome, but it turned out amazing and didn't bother me one bit! I made my costume from a thrift store dress, that I heavily altered:

I wish I had a before photo of this dress. The original dress was a boxy, short sleeve dress - I took the sleeves off, took it in, darted the front a bit and shortened the bottom (to add lace and add shape)...then because I'm not truly a sewing person - I grabbed my trusty glue-gun and glued on fringe and as much sequin and rhinestones that I could :)

Well, that's about it! Wedding planning is in full effect! I'm trying to keep track of all the things I have made for it, to blog about it after the wedding (of course). But even that has been a challenge. Hopefully I'll have something for you all after, and if not, I can link to other instructions that are similar. This wedding has turned into the biggest DIY project ever - it's stressful and so much fun at the same time.