Sunday, November 15

Wedding introduction

As some may know, we are getting married this New Year's Eve. I haven't shared too much of our wedding yet - and it's not that nothing is going on in regards to it - so much is going on, on the go and yet to be started.  It's also the reason I haven't shared any of anything lately - because it has kept me so busy!

Being crafty, it was only natural that there are some DIY's in this wedding. I would be lying if I didn't say that I immediately began to search out all of the goodness on pinterest, and put together a secret 'wedding board' full of way to much to do. 

And then, as a bride I sit and look at this massive to-do list that I had created for myself, and begin to cross things off that maybe don't really need to be done, or a part of our wedding....really, would anyone even notice that super small detail? Probably only one or two. So, should I really 'waste time' on that? ....uhmmm.... I probably will. *Shakes head*

Thing is, I haven't shared, mostly because I want everything to be a surprise for those involved. So, after the wedding I will have some things to share. :) And, everyone will get to see how they fit into the whole scheme of the wedding.

 But for now, I have these beautiful engagement photos that we took earlier in the summer.  They demonstrate the most important part of this whole process - you just have to have fun ;)

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  1. Great photos!!!! How exciting! Winter is a great season (& photo opp) for a wedding. Looking forward to seeing more after the big day!


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