Monday, January 25

Lazy Weekends

Post-wedding life is going back to normal, and things are starting to go back to a nice and easy going routine. This weekend was the first weekend that felt "normal". I did all my cleaning and "chores" on the Saturday, and even over-achieved steam cleaning the carpets. So, Sunday was left for whatever I wanted to do. We woke up, had some tea and coffee. As I was sitting there, the thought crossed my mind - We don't have anything we have to do. With the wedding, there was always something to do. With the wedding done - we have free time.

So Sunday was spent painting away - I got one, and almost a second painting commission done. As well, finished an acrylic landscape painting and almost completed a mixed media painting. Oreo joined me, sleeping on the back of my chair the whole time while I worked away.  Here he is all curled up, in a most uncomfortable looking way:

We then went for a walk with the pooch while various paintings were drying. And he had a blast in the snow:

 I couldn't believe this shot that I got - He is just so handsome!!

I can't even count the number of photos on my phone - and I'm not even ashamed, hehe.

The weekend was finished off with planning out my gardening, and figuring out my seedling counts and start planting dates - while drinking loads of delicious tea. The perfect end to a pretty perfect weekend.

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