Thursday, January 14


As I mentioned earlier this week - we got married!! Yay!! It was the most perfect day, and we had the most lovely photographer (Kyrene Minty Photography). She even 'leaked' us two shots from our special day, the next day!! How awesome is that? We had just the perfect amount of snow the morning of our wedding, so I could tromp around in it, in my white dress, and not get any dirt on it!

I think our "Midnight Kiss" photo is our favorite so far. And yes, I know we have only gotten two back, but I can't see what will top that! She perfectly captured the moment, and in this picture made me realize how happy I am that we held our wedding on New Year's Eve. 

It was just a perfect, perfect day :) We ran away to Collingwood after for the weekend, and then back to the real world the following week. BUT, that's only so we can fly away to Mexico first week of February! So excited!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! I love your dress and I agree - that New Years kiss photo will be tough to beat! Can't wait to see more photos! :)


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