Thursday, January 7

New Year, New Beginnings - New Names!

Happy belated New Year's everyone! We have had a lot of celebrating happening in our house for New Years - our wedding went off without a hitch! It was so much fun. As we drew closer to the day, I became weary if having a New Year's Eve wedding was a good idea, but it was a party like no other! I couldn't have been more happy! We will have pictures of all that soon!

I also took on a new name - which is very exciting! It's going to change how my signatures will be on my artwork, so I'm going to have to doodle up some ideas :)

Now let's get to our goals for this year!!

1. Sort out my studio and get back to creating. My artwork took a big hit when I got engaged. All, or most, creative focus was shifted towards our wedding and creating things for that - and the endless appointments and meetings for planning. Now that we have that checked off our list, I hope to reorganize my art studio - get some artwork on the walls, and get creative again! I want to create some larger art-oriented goals as well.

2. Gardening - and using more of my harvest. I know it seems silly with the snow on the ground - but garden planning season is here. I am starting to pour over the numerous catalogs that I have gotten in the mail to decide this year's plan of action. I wasn't so good using up all of our harvest this year, and I am hoping that next year I will do better. I got a nifty 'vacuum-sealing' tool for my kitchen, so I hope to use that for freezing produce.

3. Get active again. Planning a wedding took up a lot of time. I hope to get more active again. We are going to Mexico in February, so if anything that should 'jump-start' it. Also trying to eat more healthy.

4. Make more meals. I really enjoy cooking, but with our shift work in full swing during the holidays, and a bit before, we seemed to loose the 'dinner groove'. I hope to get back to that, and try to meal plan a bit better.

Well! That's it! Four general goals for this year to nibble away at, or jump in full swing. Let's see how it goes!!

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