Wednesday, January 20

Snow Days

Monday was the first snow day of the year, for me anyways. We got over 30cm of snow. So I stayed up all cozy inside all day - couldn't drive anywhere anyways :)

I spent a great deal of time in my newly cleaned up art studio, dabbling away on a new mixed media piece while drinking copious amounts of tea - you can see a hint of it in the background. I had a bunch of tulle left over from making my veil, and thought I would experiment with it in a mixed media painting. I'm really loving the texture:

It is super finicky to work with, but the results so far have been stunning. It feels so good being back in my studio creating again.

We did venture outside, once, to let the dogs play in all the new fluffy snow. They love it so much, we couldn't not let them.

We ended up with two frosty, but happily tired, dogs. They just love diving in all the fluffy snow :)

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