Saturday, February 13

The Orchid Lady

The beautifully colourful town square
On our trip, we went on just one excursion. We usually do more, but we just wanted to relax and enjoy the sunshine. We went on a "3 levels of Huatulco" tour. The last level, the mountain village of Pluma Hidalgo was beautiful. Up there we found coffee (I will share another day), and we found the Orchid Lady.


See that super squiggly yellow road - yup! That's what we drove up on to get to the village!!

All the way up in the mountains - it was so much cooler!!
Elia Martinez shared with us her gardens - and they were gorgeous!! She had orchids, succulents and more tucked away in every spot that she could find. She really showed us what you can do with a small space - it was very inspiring!

That's me!! Wishing I could take all these flowers home!!

It was the one time I wished I had brought my DSLR camera instead of a point and shoot on a trip. But I still managed to get some decent pictures, they do not do justice to all the beautiful blooms she has:

The bumblebee in this picture is the size of a large thumb - I kid you not!
He was hard to capture, but I still had to share these photos. SUCH a large bee!!!!

We did a group shot with everyone in our tour. The sun must have been shining in our faces, because boy are my eyes squinty!! I should have just put my sunglasses down!

The gardens were just stunning, and just made me want to get home and grow stuff!!! I might have ordered a few more flower seeds - to sprinkle around here and there...we don't have bumble bees like they do, but we still have bees that need food!

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