Wednesday, February 10

We Are Back!

We just got back from our Honeymoon, in Hualtulco, Mexico. It was an amazing trip. We relaxed a lot, and met a lot of new people and went on a little adventure into the mountains! It wasn't as adventurous as our trip to the Mayan Rivera last year, but we just wanted to hang out this time around.

We had the most amazing view from our room.  But what was remarkably stunning was all the art around us at the resort. I just loved the ladies below:

Bits of coral were washed up all along the shore. Our beach connected to an 'untouched' beach by a small path, and that was were we saw the most coral. I don't think I've ever seen so much washed up onto the shorelines before.

We hiked to the top of look out point to get this shot of the 'untouched' beach. It was a lot rougher than ours, with all the waves and rocks. Not many people ventured into the water further than their legs. 

It was the perfect little break. Now back to real life. Today, mother nature welcomed us back to Canada with a huge snow storm. Thanks mother nature ;) hehe.

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