Tuesday, March 1

DIY: Metal Plant Markers

Today I'm sharing with you an easy DIY for all your little seedlings. This DIY was originally shared over at Sweet Domesticity (go check out her amazing blog!). I had been experimenting every year with plant markers, and this year I am trying her methods with the metal. I do mine a little different than her, so I thought I would share with all of my lovelies on here :)

These markers are made with Aluminum tape - found at any hardware store. Please do take a peak around your garage / basement first...my hubby informed me after I purchased some that we had some lying around from the previous owner.

I first start by cutting off a strip. The length is about "two-markers" long - so take how much you want one marker to me, and then double it.

Next I found it lengthwise onto itself two times, so that that I have two creases, and three sections. Do this before you take the backing off, as it is quite sticky and your folding will not be as nice. After I have creased my fold lines, I remove the backing.

 I carefully fold it onto itself two times, so that I'm left with a long, skinny piece of the Aluminum. Make sure it is stuck well together, and all the air bubbles are out and it is nice and smooth.

I then cut the piece in half, on an angle. Cutting on an angle ensures that I will have a 'pointy-end' to stick into the soil.

Because I start my seedlings off in such small containers (and then pot-up the strongest), I want my markers a little smaller yet. I cut each strip lengthwise to give me two markers. If you wanted, you could keep the markers thick.

Then you use a ball point pen to write on them and it 'engraves' the writing into the marker - no need to worry about sharpie ink fading (my issue last year, resulting in many plants of unknown variety).

It takes a little time to get a flow going, but you know these markers will not fade. You can even reuse them for the following year if you are planting the same items. Or, you can recycle the aluminum.

Poor Chewie was quite bored when I was doing this... heheh.

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