Tuesday, March 15

Floral Work In Progress

I started a new, very large painting this weekend - this painting is 2'x3'. It's so much fun working on a large scale - but also very intimidating. I've never really painted florals like this, but I've been feeling more drawn to flowers lately.

It started off with a roughly painted background, and then I loosely drew my composition with some pastel - it will wash off easily when I'm done, or mix with the paint and disappear.

And then I started colour blocking with bold, short marks to start defining some areas.  How you see it at the top is where it stands right now. Still lots to do, lots of experimenting and lots of mess making on this canvas.

I must say, after working on the large commission that I did for the hospital, I am really enjoying working large scale. It definitely take a different mind set - that all the little details are no longer "little", and you can achieve fine details with more ease.

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