Monday, March 28

Oh She Grows: Sunbathing

What a beautiful weekend it was yesterday! Nothing like the spring showers that we are getting today. After I got home yesterday from my road trip up to see my parents on the family farm, I brought all my little seed babies outside for a couple hours in the sunshine - it was so beautiful, and there was just the slightest breeze, I couldn't resist letting them bask in all of that.

They are all still coming along well. Despite trying to protect them from the cat, Oreo has managed to nibble on some sweet peas - and although I am super excited for them, they are just flowers and can be replanted. This week, I have to go through and thin everything, replant some that just didn't come up, or just are not looking very viable and healthy right now. Besides this weekend, it hasn't been sunny very much lately, so some of the seedlings look a little 'leggy', but I'm sure they're thicken up as the season progresses.

We are about 6 weeks away from the last frost date, and all the snow is gone - hooray! I went out to check my garden boxes. The soil in them is thawed, but still cold and quite wet. I may get my peas in mid-April again! :)

I will need to repot my tomatoes into bigger homes in about 1-2 weeks. I'll be able to start a lot more plants then as well, which is exciting!

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