Thursday, March 17

The Hum of Bees

"The Hum of Bees" - Original Watercolor painting
Spring is here now - I feel is safe to say. I've been feeling spring fever for some time now, luckily all my little seedlings are keeping me satisfied for now. In about another month or so, I will be able to be out in the gardens planting some frost hardy goods.

"The Hum of Bees" - detail, watercolour

This year, I have really focused on keeping the bees happy. The bees have been in my mind all winter - and when I stumbled across this quote from Elizabeth Lawrence, I knew that I had to paint it out.  I've never painted a laurel before like this - so it was a tiny bit of a learning curve. There was one point where I thought it was not ever going to look alright and almost gave up on it. But, then I added a few more layers, and some details and it all worked out.

Now, I'm am going to get some beautiful flowers a head start in some seed trays for warmer weather and all those bees that I am hoping to help out...

This painting is available, here.

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