Wednesday, April 20

Garden Experiments: Starting Slips from Sweet Potatoes

A long, long, time ago I started some sweet potatoes in water, with the hopes that they would grow "slips", and that I would be able to plant those slips in my garden and grow more sweet potatoes. You can read all about my initial endeavor, here.

It's now been two months. After the first month and a bit, I noticed absolutely nothing was progressing. So I cut the sweet potatoes in half, thinking that might help. And again, time went on and, well frankly, nothing.  This week, I was about done with it all. The sweet potatoes were not looking great, so I thought I would just throw them out - I did just buy these from a supermarket, and I did read that if they got close to 'freezing' at any point it wouldn't work anyways. I figured they were duds, and that I didn't want the house to start smelling like rotting sweet potatoes, and windowsill space is prime sunning property for my indoor plant starts.

The first one I pulled up was rotten - I will save you the gross and mushiness of a picture of it. The second one surprised me...

When I pulled it up, we had three roots! So it was alive, sort of! I more closely examined the sweet potatoes, and found one, single bud on it:

It is not at all very big yet...I still wouldn't even claim it will be 100% viable. But it is a sign of life.

I'm not sure if it is far enough along, to be a successful "slip" but the time I need to plant it out at the end of May / early June. But, knowing this, I may try again next year starting even sooner. We will have to see. It might also just be that there wasn't enough window light / warmth during the beginning of this experiment to push it along like it needed to be.

Regardless, it was a surprising discovery after what I thought was a failed experiment. 

I will keep you all updated.

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  1. Yes i have heard few vegetables grow its roots in water and sweet potato is one of them. But you need extra care while transferring them into mud's or pot.


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