Saturday, April 30

Oh She Grows: First Sprouts!

Last week was beautiful weather, and I managed to plant out a bunch of cold-hardy seeds in the garden beds after cleaning them all up. Here are the first sprouts, taken earlier this week.

We planted radish, spinach, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, rapini and bok choy. The radish were the first up; showing up early this past week. They were followed by the bok choy and then spinach. The Rapini is just saying hello today, and the peas won't be long behind (I can see them trying to push through the soil).  I covered the boy choy and rapini with netting right away - those pesky flea beetles are not going to eat them this time around! I've also already put out some 'earwig' traps...try to get some while they are young.

The robins have been digging up the gardens a bit, so some areas may need replanting. But overall, things are going relatively well right now.

The next project in the beds will be introducing drip irrigation. I will be picking up a kit this weekend, hopefully, and getting that all sorted out. We have a lot more seeds to go into the gardens - some of my old favourites, and some new plants this year. We just have to wait for some warmer weather :)

It just makes me so happy to be out digging around in the dirt again :)

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