Friday, April 15

Oh She Grows: Signs of Spring!

We are finally getting some spring weather - sunshine and warmness! Last week, we were still have days where it was snowing! But the warmer weather is bringing to life the outdoors. Above is a crocus that is blossoming. Now, it did also blossom earlier in the month as well, but we got such a hard frost it killed those blossoms.

Mounds of tulips are popping up more and more everyday. I can't wait until they all blossom - I believe I have lots of pinks and reds. I must make a mental note to plant more in the fall, and dig up all the "duds" - tulips that are no longer giving blossoms.

We do have some of the early ones giving up some colours though :) These are just super small, super short blossoms - but also super early ones! Yea! You can tell the weeds have been loving the warmer weather too.

My oregano survived the winter, and it's grown since I first saw it during a February melt - I almost couldn't believe it, but it must be true. It is right up against the house, so it would get all the heat from there to help it out.

More and more perennials are starting to say hello. I will have to do some spring clean up of all the dead foilage that I left through the winter - this plant in particular, sedum, looks wonderful in the winter under all the snow. It keeps all of the plants beautiful architecture and just dries right in place.

The garden boxes are of course, bare and in the need of some weeding. They shouldn't need another dumping of soil, like last year where it settled half way down. But I will give some nutrients back into the soil with some compost.  The warm weather is supposed to keep up, so I'm hoping peas in the garden next weekend? That's only a week behind of last year.

We maybe...teeny tiny chance, might, be building a fourth box. I really, really hope it happens! I have already drawn out a plan, and at first I found it hard to actually 'use' that extra space, since I've been so use to cramming everything into three boxes, 144 square feet. But to get another 48 square feet would be amazing!!!! I'm thinking more flowers, more food in the freezer, utilizing the space for better companion plantings. Eeee!!! I'm hoping as well, that I might be able to convince him to build a teeny, tiny box for an asparagus bed....just maybe.

Indoors, the plants are growing so much better with the sunshine we have been getting. Above is my tray of flowers that I started indoors. The sweetpeas have already gotten a "haircut" and are starting to branch out more.

Some of them, like this Nasturtium, are 'direct sowing' flowers. But I wanted to experiment and see if starting them indoors would give them a little head start on blossoming. Anything to get flowers in the garden sooner!

The tomatoes got repotted and are already less leggy - combination of more sun, and being planted deep down of course. I planted way, way more tomatoes than I needed this year - thinking that some wouldn't make it - but when they didn't make I couldn't stand to give up, so I replanted....and now I have 24 healthy tomato plants....usually I need 3-5 extras for plants that don't transplant well, or get damaged for whatever reasons (ie. dog jumping in the garden, rabbits, ect)...but that still leaves me with probably 5-8 extra plants....I guess I will be giving them away....

The peppers (not shown) are doing wonderfully as well. Starting them as early as I did was a good idea, and they will be nice and strong when their time comes to be put out, end of May / early June.

The wonderfully weather is just making me so happy that I'll be digging the dirt soon :)

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