Monday, July 25

Secret Creative Planning

It's been awfully quiet here on my blog this summer. The most simple reason for that is: it is summer. After working full time and working on artwork, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible - especially in my vegetable gardens and with my pooch. I really have no motivation to sit on my lap top after working with computers all day. I do take a lot of photos, with very clear intentions that I will blog this or that...but then it never happens, and those photos are no longer accurate of my daily musings.

I will say, there are ideas and projects in the works though! But they are a secret. Shhhh. My dear husband knows, as I have discussed these new ideas with him, and some friends - but the online world hasn't a clue. And I'm sorry to say friends, that it will stay that way for a bit longer.

I'm still in early stages of this particular project. I'm hoping to release it for winter / a limited line released by October at the latest. But life happens, and it's busy, and since I'm very easily distracted - it might even wait until spring. There is a lot of work that will be put into this project, and a lot of hours.  

I just want to make sure that when I release the initial products, that they are not all rushed and sloppy. I want it perfect, to ensure the success of the launch and secure future success with the project. The products perfect, the branding perfect and everything - perfect.  It might all just flop. That happens. But I want to make sure that it didn't flop because I wasn't ready.

To stop rumors in their tracks - it's not a creative contract that I received with a company. These are items that I am designing for myself to sell. It just has to be all secretive, because the online world is horrible at keeping secrets, and I want to make sure that when I release that they are original, and my ideas not already copied. Copying is the sweetest form of flattery...but boy, it has gotten quite annoying.

I'm very excited for this though. I will be using some existing artwork, but designing a lot of new pieces just for this project. Once things are little more solidified, then I will share. As excited as I am, there is still much opportunity that it just all flops, and then maybe I'll share what I was going to do if that happens as well. We shall see.

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