Sunday, December 11

DIY Burlap String Christmas Tree Card Display

Well, it's the beginning of the holidays, and a time for all things crafty! This is the time of year that the arts and craft stores hit the wallets of creative people all around the hardest. But, it doesn't have to be that way! Looking around your house for items that you already have and reusing them can make a big impact on your holiday displays without touching your wallet (very much, at least).

In our home, we always display the greeting cards that we receive from friends and family.  Every year, we try to display them differently. Some years are more creative than others. But, I think this year is the best so far!

This Christmas Card display is so easy to put together, and just too adorable. We have twine at our house from all my gardening, and what a better way to use it! What you will need:
  • Twine (or thin tinsel would be so pretty too)
  • Damage-free hanging hooks (I used about 10-12)
  • Clothespins
  • Tape 
  • Optional: light ornaments, and paint for the clothespins
That's all! All the rest, is just extra! So let's get started! You're going to first choose you wall. You will need a fair amount of space - but it depends on how many Christmas cards you are expecting. Once you have decided where, we create an outline with the string and some tape. This way, when you create your tree, the shape will be correct.

I choose a wall that we usually have two small paintings hung up on, so there are already two hooks that I could use (that's why my shape isn't a perfect triangle, but you will see in the end that doesn't matter). I just play around with the string until I'm happy with the shape and symmetry.

Next, we affix the damage-free hooks to the wall. You could also use push pins, but I didn't want that sort of damage on this wall. Just follow the directions on the package:

This product required me to stick all the sticker backs to the wall first, and then the hooks on top of them. So I went along my string on either side and "zig-zagged" the stickers of where I would want my hooks. You want to ensure that the stickers make good contact with the wall. I washed my wall first to make sure these won't fall off later when there is the weight of a bunch of cards.

And then I took down the string, and attached all the hooks to the stickers.

I know, it doesn't look like much now. But, it is time for this tree to take shape!

I tied a small slipknot into the beginning of my twine, and attached it to the top hook, leaving a little bit of twine. Then, working my way down, I would wrap the twine around each hook - stringing it back and work between then. When I got the bottom, I worked my way back up to the top. I then tied this to the little bit of twine we left and presto! We are done!

Folks: you have yourself a lovely twine Christmas tree!

I then proceeded to put clothespins all along the twine for when we get cards. Mine are painted in the Christmas colours red, green and white. And, using some of those clothes pins, I attached some glittery snowflake ornaments to dress up my tree while I await more cards in the mail :)

You could add any small ornament to your tree. Just make sure not to load it up with too many heavy items - when you start adding greeting cards, those will add some weight and you don't want the whole thing to topple down!

Happy Holidays and DIY-ing! :)

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