Friday, January 13

Snowflake Keepsake Watercolour Painting

It has been blustering cold these past few weeks where I live, and the snow has not stopped at all. I've been home numerous days due to roads being closed and poor driving conditions. Last week, the days I did end up going to work, my drives have been almost twice as long due to all the snow. It is scary sometimes, driving and not seeing even the hood of your vehicle. It just sneaks up sometimes too - where it will be nice at work, and nice at home, but somewhere in middle it's not. I go slow, and make it home :)

But once I'm home, and I look out - the snow is beautiful. And I do love being cozy inside drinking copious amounts of tea while the snow falls - or, being out in the snow trudging through it with my snowshoes. It has got to be one of the best outdoor, winter workouts. Especially if you have to break the path yourself!
"Snowflake Keepsake" - Original watercolour painting

It is no surprise then that I painted this Mason Jar winter painting. "Snowflake Keepsake" brings together those huge, fluffy snowflakes that I love so much, together with the Mason jar motif that I have really been feeling this winter (and that has shown up in other art work as well).  

This painting came together so much better than I could have imagined, and I'm so excited to share it with all of you :) 

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