Wednesday, August 30

One month to go!

I cannot believe that we are less than a month away until Baby C is due! The beginning just seemed to drag, and now things are just going by so quickly! I have two and a half weeks left of work at the hospital (I took a week and a few days vacation before my due date), and I will be closing my Etsy shop this week and taking care of last minute orders. I will keep the shop open for communications, in case there are problems with shipments, but will eventually put it into vacation mode.

I'm really excited for delivery (and nervous as well, of course being a first time mom). We are delivering at a birthing center, and are super excited for the options available to us.  I'm curious to see how our pets, Chewie and Oreo, react to our little one - and super excited to know if we have a little baby boy or girl!

The countdown is on!


  1. Eeee the last month! So exciting! I took 2 weeks off + he was a week late, so I found that time to draaaaaaaag... Wait wait waiting for our little one!

    Wishing you a safe delivery! Can't wait to hear the name & sex & see the munchkin's cute little face! :)

  2. the last month! So exciting! I took 2 weeks off!MyFirstSaving


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