Wednesday, December 13

Jack: Month Two!

Jack was two months on the 3rd of December. He's growing up so fast! The biggest, and best new thing the past month: Jack is smiling and laughing all the time...and it's not just when he's doing number two. He is making lots of noises lately - lots of vowel sounds: ooo's and aaa's. 

Sporting one of our favourites - Doctor Who! Yes, we will be raising our child a little geeky ;)
He just such a happy baby (most of the time).  He's becoming more aware of himself - especially in the bath when he likes to kick water all over me :) He is definitely more alert and responsive to things like lights, noises and funny faces.  He's just so much fun, and is a little more everyday - and a little less of the 'larval phase'. 

Mommy may like the SnapChat filters a bit more these days...
The most exciting news, is that Jack is now sleeping in the nursery in his crib - the transition wasn't even hard - he did so well, and slept just as well there right from the start as he did in our bedroom. I might even go so far to say he's sleeping better... he used to get up once in the night between 3:00-4:00 AM, now he's not stirring until 5:30-6:00 AM. This momma sure appreciates it, and hopes it lasts. Although I know I've been pretty spoiled to have him only wake up once a night from the start. 

Chewie, our huge Bernese Mountain Dog, is starting to come around to Jack a bit more too. I have never seen someone so jealous for attention before. He gives Jack kisses every morning, and always makes sure he is still in the car seat when we come home from our errands - and of course, proceeds to give him kisses. I think he's still not 100% comfortable around Jack because he's so little, but once Jack is moving a bit on his own, and dropping food all the time for the dog, they will become the best of friends. 

Our tooth-less reindeer.... yes, those are Chewie's antlers, but he was more than happy to
pass them up for Jack, hehe. 
We of course have been getting ready for the holidays! We make our first big trip with Jack this weekend, to visit my parents. It's about a 5 hour car ride, but we've been in good in the car since the start. We have been making a few holiday crafts as well as doing numerous holiday photoshoots.... I just can't decide on one picture that I want to take, so I'm taking them all... as he'll only be a baby once. I've already 'pinned' many ideas for next year too when he's able to sit up, and maybe even stand on his own hehe.

Practicing wth our noise-cancelling ear muffs, for when we go to a hockey game in the new year.
Luckily, he doesn't mind them at all :) 
In terms of everything else, we are still successfully breastfeeding. I pump so he can still have the one bottle at night, to stay used to it. He still takes a soothie as well, but does not 'depend' on it - sometimes he wants it, sometimes not. He is now 13.6 lbs (mid-high percentile), and 24.5" (top of the charts). So he is growing very well - despite his weight, his height makes him tall and lean. We have had him in 3-6 month clothing for the past two weeks - because he's just so long.

We have been cloth diapering, successfully, for the past month. It isn't even "hard", and I can't imagine not using cloth - it's so easy, and just makes sense to us.  He sort of 'smells funny' when he's in disposables -  guess it's the scent in them. I sort of wish more people knew how easy it was: I think they're just scared of the extra laundry, and 'touching poop' - but it's really only an extra 20 minutes, maybe of folding and I have yet to touch poop while changing a diaper...but I don't want to be pushy ;) I have one friend who wants to learn about it once she starts having children, and I guess I'll leave it at that - I'll have newborn diapers for her to borrow, and then she can decide. But when people - who doubted it - ask about it, I do sing it's praises - but I do still get weird looks about it.

 I purchased more of my favourites during the black friday sales, and now we have a good 'stash' that I don't have to scramble to do laundry every other night - we have lots more wiggle room :) And many, many more cute prints! The hardest part is trying to stick to 'somewhat' gender neutral prints - since he is our first, and we've had plans for more than one, I'm hoping to use these diapers with future kids as well Hello?! Can you say 'free diapering' for future children?!  Of course, there are always new and super cute prints, I'm sure I will pick up more as time goes on....

Well, that is Jack's two month update! I have been hoping to share some other posts, some DIY's... they are honestly all half photographed and half written. I just have to find time to do the rest of them hehe.

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