Tuesday, January 2


First I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of family, laugher and twinkling lights! Being Jack's first Christmas, it was extra exciting this year. Jack didn't really know what was going on, being under 3 months old - but it doesn't mean that he wasn't spoiled by everyone! We still have gifts arriving for him. We got gifts for different age ranges, so some will go away for now and come out when he's ready for them. I definitely appreciated that everyone knew that he didn't need tons of toys for now when he just starting to grip things and doesn't really care about them. 

What I loved most about it all was just how cute he was this Christmas - even though he was clueless, hehe.  Now, we did spoil him as well. Totally guilty here. It was just too easy. 

Christmas Morning

Santa brought Jack his first sleigh - and although he can't go in it right this minute, we are pretty sure we can bundle him up into it in a month or so. His neck control is amazing, so we will be able to use it soon, just not right now :) He also got some clothes, books (I love reading to him), and some stuffies. And of course some things he needed - some more bottles, a pacifier holder / clip. 

How can you not just love the cute-factor of the holiday season?! 

I am sad to have to pack up Christmas. There were so many cute baby things that we did, so many photo ops. I guess Valentine's is next on the baby-photography list, and then May the 4th follows ;)

I did a bunch of cute baby crafts with Jack, and I am hoping to share them in another post. I think that was one of the most fun part of the holidays...and will continue to be in the years to come, especially when he can do them himself mostly.

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